Hi, I’m your host!

Greetings, fellow groovers!

I’m Abheeti, the curious mind and bilingual language-lover fuelling these conversations. The voice and vision behind The FarOut Show. Formerly a teacher turned digital entrepreneur, this podcast is the culmination of many enriching and diverse life experiences.

Inspired by recent pandemonium, I embarked on a mission to cut through confusion, propaganda, and media noise. My goal? To deepen conversations, connect real people, and bridge divides.

Living in Italy, I’ve embraced a multifaceted lifestyle, creating location-independent income streams that incorporate international travel, language mastery, and cultural immersion. From childcare centres to schools, natural health businesses to blockchain technology, my varied roles contribute to my worldview.

With my beautiful family, I cherish a life of forest walks, mountain hikes, lake swims and overland cycling trips coupled with an endless (and often fruitless) search for gluten-free pasta. Travel, real conversation and recognising the Divine in the simplicity of the mundane are some of my greatest joys. Also, when the cat chooses to hang with me, which lately…Hmm. Not. 

Academically, I hold a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on Japanese, linguistics, and anthropology, along with a Graduate Diploma in education.

Travelling worldwide, (generally solo) from Australia across Europe, Japan to Pakistan, my encounters with life’s challenges have instilled a love for introspection, resilience, and holistic living. My secret sauce? Balancing serious discussions with a whimsical, upbeat approach.

Why explore taboo topics? Because courage is needed to unearth the root of issues, freeing us from unacknowledged fears. Through personal experiences, including loss and childhood trauma, I’m committed to exploring these topics carefully and respectfully.

As a life-partner, mother, plantophile, and cat-lover, I bring a unique perspective to our episodes. The FarOut Show is more than a podcast; it’s a funky space for life celebrations and deep dives into meaningful topics.

Passionate about building community, sharing wisdom, and questioning norms, my goal is to make a positive impact on your life by breaking down complex concepts. Join me in intelligent, considerate conversations that bring meaning to our lives. Let’s navigate life’s challenges together, embracing the extraordinary.

P.S. Abheeti अभीति नाम का मतलब, means fearlessness—a moniker bestowed upon me through meditation over 20 years ago.