here’s your podcast crew

Abi, founder-all-rounder

Hi! You met me already… Host, all sorts behind the scenes, organiser, list-shuffler, co-ordinator of all things FarOut including scouting for new guests to interview in English and Italian…

Jakob, audio editor

Hey, I’m Jakob – the audio maestro at the FarOut Show, ensuring every sound is crystal clear. Beyond perfecting audio, I’m in Barichara, Colombia, hands-on in regenerative work. Passionate about agroforestry, community building, and positive vibes. Tune into my music on YouTube!

Enoch, video creative

Hey, I’m Enoch, your go-to Digital Creator from vibrant West Africa, Ghana! A wizard in content creation, graphic design, videography, and photography. Join the creative adventure – let’s make waves together! (Here’s my quirky podcast…)

Marion, Caricatures

Meet Marion, our caricature artiste! Every drawing by Marion Le Crayon (aka Marion Vanhaecke) is as unique as humans themselves. She began sketching her own caricatures to fund her art studies at Ecole Pivaut Supérieure Technique Privée d’arts appliqués in Nantes.