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Guest Bio: Alpha Lo

Alpha runs the Climate Water Project, is co-founder of the Regenerative Water Alliance, water researcher, writer and podcaster, bringing people together in the regenerative water field.




The water cycle plays a crucial role in regulating temperature on Earth. As rain falls, it eventually evaporates through transpiration from plants, releasing heat into the atmosphere. This process, known as evapotranspiration, contributes to cooling the environment, emphasising the importance of green spaces and water absorption in urban planning to mitigate heat waves and urban heating.


A-Z of Mini Water Regeneration Stories:

A. Evapotranspiration Cools the Earth

In a recent podcast interview with Alpha Lo, the co-founder of the Regenerative Water Alliance, we delved into the A-Z of Mini Water Regeneration Stories part A. Evapotranspiration, uncovering the transformative power of evapotranspiration in cooling the Earth. This fascinating journey begins with the intricate dance of the water cycle, where rain falls, initiating a cyclical journey of evaporation and condensation.

Alpha demonstrates the role of plants in this aquatic symphony. They are not just passive observers; rather, they actively contribute by releasing water vapour through a process known as transpiration. As water is absorbed by plant roots and travels through the leaves, it emerges as water vapour, influencing the atmosphere and, importantly, releasing heat into the air. This simple act, transpiration, becomes a significant player in the Earth’s temperature regulation.

The overall impact of evapotranspiration on cooling the environment cannot be overstated. Beyond its role in the water cycle, this natural process actively cools the Earth. By understanding and harnessing the cooling effect of evapotranspiration, we unlock a valuable tool for mitigating the rising temperatures on our planet.

“Green Spaces Matter” emerges as a powerful solution in this narrative. Alpha Lo underlines the practical applications of incorporating green spaces in urban settings. Whether through parks or green roofs, these spaces become essential elements in effective urban planning. They optimise water absorption, offering a sustainable approach to mitigate heat waves and combat urban heating. The importance of these green oases in our concrete jungles cannot be ignored.

As we absorb the insights from Alpha Lo’s A-Z of Mini Water Regeneration Stories, it becomes clear that embracing evapotranspiration is not just a scientific concept; it’s a call to action. From understanding the water cycle intricacies to recognising the impact of green spaces, each element plays a crucial role in our collective efforts toward a cooler, more sustainable Earth. It’s not merely a story of water; it’s a tale of transformation and resilience as we navigate the challenges of climate change with the regenerative power of water at our side.

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[00:01:00] AKP: A Evapotranspiration Cools the Earth

[00:01:03] Alpha: So water comes down in the form of rain, and then it ascends again in the form of ever transpiration from the earth. So the soil evaporates, water vapour, and so do plants.

So in the plants, it’s liquid water and then it comes out through the leaves, and when it comes out, it comes out in the form of water vapour. And when it does that, there’s a phase change in the water, meaning that it goes from liquid to vapour, and in that process it can actually carry away some of the heat.

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[00:01:49] Alpha: So the water vapour is actually able to carry some of the heat up and then when it forms clouds again, when the water vapour condensers actually release that heat way up in the air. So, what that means is that when our soils and our plants are evapotranspiring, it’s actually taking away some of the heat from the surface of the earth.

And so it can actually be a couple degrees cooler in the… Say, if you compare, say concrete with say the parkland next to it. And that’s why it’s important, um, in our, in our urban environments, especially where there’s a lot of heat waves and, urban heating occurring if we want to cool our urban environments to have more greenery, greenery in our parks, in our, green roofs and also, um, waterways, rivers and lakes.

Also, evapotranspiration water, which cools. And, uh, one of the ways to get more water to evapotranspire is, is when the rainfall comes to actually slow it down and have it absorbed into the land. and so the more water there is in the land, the more available there is for evapotranspiration

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